Spanking Examples Number 1

Before starting on this section it should be understood that the spanker (or 'top') is an instrument and his/her spanking has no sexual overtones. I do not get involved sexually with the clients and this is made clear from the outset. Even when her knickers are taken down the client's vagina and pubic hair is hardly ever seen as she always has her back to me.

This example is of a lady who responded to an advertisement of mine. After our session I asked if she would write about the experience with a promise that she would retain complete anonymity (even the name is changed). This was not a punishment spanking but a request from somebody who wanted to experience spanking. In this case the spanker has to act particularly carefully as they have to work within the limits of the client BUT at the same time push the client to the limits of their endurance. To help us with this we give the client a 'safe word' which only they know. At any time while being spanked if they call out the 'safe word' I stop immediately. With an experienced spanker the client or 'bottom' should never have to use the safe word as all spanking should be within the limitations of the client. This lady has been back several times since that letter. She has also pushed her limits way beyond those of our first session BUT never into the realms of bondage or SM. She tells me that she now looks forward to our monthly sessions with eager anticipation, mingled with dread, for at least a week before she comes.

Dear Alan,
You asked me to articulate a few thoughts on my visit to you and, I understand that, although you will use my words you will never give anybody my email or other information which can identify me.
Before we met I was unsure whether I should travel the one and half hours from London to your home but can say that experience has proved that this was a correct decision. You were very kind when I arrived and put me at my ease immediately. Although I understood that I was to be punished I was never in any fear. As I had never been spanked before I was nervous when you told me to lay across your knees and you turned up my dress. The ten-minute hand spanking was certainly a shock - albeit not an unpleasant one as my bottom began to tingle. I became more embarrassed when you removed my knickers and tights and resumed your hand spanking.
Even more embarrassment, and sexual excitement, when you told me to remove my dress and bra and stand in the corner naked with my hands on my head! I had never been naked in the presence of a man before and the word 'rape' went through my mind. But you were very professional! Some more hand spanking really warmed me up and then you told me the first instrument would be the paddle. I had never even heard the name and when I saw it looking larger and heavier than a table tennis bat I had butterflies in my stomach and I wondered whether I should ask you to stop but NO WAY was I going to use the 'safe word' that you had given me. Bending over the chair it was quite a shock with the noise of the paddle as it smacked down on my buttocks, but the rhythm of five smacks then a soothing massage soon seemed to absorb much of the pain and allow me to relax my bottom cheeks. The way you stroked my bottom after every few strokes gave me real relief while waiting for the next stroke. We then had an interval where we discussed what had happened and what was still to come and, strangely, I no longer felt vulnerable even though I was still naked before you.
Next you showed me the 'tawse'. This was a strip of leather about eighteen inches long and divided into three at the end. You explained that this was the traditional Scottish punishment and had often been administered to children on the hands as well as the bottom. I could expect twenty to thirty firmly applied strokes on my rear and these would be more painful than the paddle although less noisy. Soon I was bending over again and Wow! what a surprise this was - the pain was exquisite. The strap seemed to wrap itself around me and the area reached was much greater than the paddle. The first ten strokes were bearable, the next five I thought I could never stand while I wanted to scream during the last five.
At last it was over, or so I thought, and wanted to rub my bum to ease the pain so it was a real shock when you told me that the final 'cream' was twenty strokes of the cane! I was not sure whether this was a stroke too far but, having committed myself and having my safe word, I decided to go through to the end. I was also shocked when you told me that you were going to tie me to the chair so that I remained still and could not lift my legs or put my hands behind me. Again the word 'rape' flitted through my mind as you could see the whole of me exposed and I would be helpless. I waited and waited as you talked to me, swishing the cane and touching my bum. Finally it started.
You started so gently with the cane just caressing my bum, lulling me into a sense of false security, with gentle taps that by the fifth stroke the cane was no longer an enemy but a friend. Now however the tempo and strength was stepped up and the next few stokes really hurt. Should I give the safe word? No! I had decided to see the full experience through and I was going to so come what may. The last strokes needed all my courage but, at the same time, they lifted me onto another plane of experience and I could feel orgasm after orgasm as the last strokes arrived. - I didn't tell you this as I had not come for sex - and when the final cut lashed down my cunt was awash and I was lifted to heights of eroticism I had never experienced before.
I was glad I had the chance of a shower and rest before driving home with a VERY sore bum but strangely feeling very relaxed. The spanking had relieved me of all my tensions. When I looked at the marks in the mirror that night they looked alarming but were fading by the second day and, within four days, every sign had disappeared.
As I told you when I telephoned the next day I shall be back for another session next month, and I still want to extend my staying powers - I believe, in retrospect, that I could have stood more than you dealt out. I am also grateful that you acted as a professional and did not attempt to take advantage of my sexual excitement as if you had offered me sex then I am sure I would have agreed and that would have spoiled an incredible experience.
Best wishes and I hope that you can stimulate the lives of others the way that you have done mine.
Muriel (not her name)

This was a client who had never been spanked as a child but wanted to 'test the water'. She had read books on spanking and wanted to feel the emotions and pain.

I took her into my study and showed her the various instruments which I used and explained that these were graduated in their force. I would work through them as far as she wanted to go and she would be able to stop me at any time with her 'safe-word'. I would also remove clothing as I saw fit but she could call a halt at any time but at no time would I want her to parade naked before me. She asked several questions about would it hurt and would she be marked but I tried to reassure her that the pain was part of the please and that any marks would disappear within a day or so. She stated that she was now ready.
I took her across my knees and started to hand-spank her with her dress on. This went on for several minutes with me varying the strength of my spanks. All the time I was talking to her a frequently massaging her bottom. After about five minutes I lifted her skirt above her waist and continued with my hand-spanking. I had tightened her knickers into the crack in her buttocks so that the bottom cheeks were now uncovered. By now she said that she could feel her buttocks begin to feel warm and the spanks were stinging, although not unpleasantly so. It was now time to test whether she was prepared to have her knickers removed so I slipped my hands under the elastic at the top and eased them down to her thighs. She eased up to help me and made no complaint. I told her that I was now going to give her twenty spanks, ten on each cheek with the final ten being hard. If she wished me to stop after this I would do so otherwise I would use the paddle next. She thought for a moment and then said she would like to try it. I told her that I would give her ten strokes, five on each bottom cheek, the last two to be hard. I bent her over the back of a chair with a cushion between her and the top of the chair to get her buttocks well raised. I stood at her side, told her to grip the seat of the chair and brought the paddle down sharply on the left cheek. It landed with a loud noise and made her grunt but no other reaction. I continued smacking the paddle down and massaging the buttocks after every two or three strokes. Finally came the last two and these were harder and brought out louder cries. I stopped and asked her what she felt. She looked at her red buttocks and ruefully said that she now understood more of what spanking was about. We agreed to stop at that point and she said that she would think carefully but would probably want to come back for a repeat. She was not sure that she would want it any harder or longer at present but eventually she would like to try the strap and possibly even the cane.
The session ended, my lady dressed herself and after a cup of tea left!. She has been back three times since then and now she can enjoy twenty strokes of the strap. Next time she wants to try my 'nursery' cane!

The next example is the punishment spanking of John's wife. The dilemma here was that it had to be firm enough to serve as an example but NOT so hard as to alienate her. She must feel it was a punishment but not be cowed by it. I explained that John had asked me to spank her and although it was a punishment I was only prepared to do so with her agreement. She was astounded but surprisingly said that while she still loved him she felt that he had no drive and lacked the strong character that she needed. I decided that I would limit the session to three instruments, my hand, the paddle and a medium strap. These would sting but leave no marks which would not disappear within a day or two. I explained to Joan what would happen. She thought for a moment before agreeing and we decided that the next evening at seven o'clock I would return with some of the instruments and she would prepare herself by dressing in a simple short dress with suspenders, stockings and lacy panties and brassiere. John would be present throughout.

I arrived just before seven o'clock with my bag and found that the couple were already prepared for me. They were sitting quietly in the lounge and Joan was dressed in a short black shift dress. I told John to sit in the corner and say nothing then ordered Joan to stand in front of me and asked her if she knew why she was being punished. She admitted that she had overspent and had not been supportive of John and needed punishing. I explained I would take her over my knee and spank her bottom with my hand giving forty or fifty swats, the force of these would increase progressively. The rest of the scenario would unfold as we went along. I confirmed that they both agreed that she was being punished and once the punishment had started I would decide when she had had enough. Shouting that 'she would be good' and 'had enough' would make no difference. This was punishment and she would take what was given!
I then sat on the sofa and took her across my knees with her head to the left and her legs outstretched to the right. I then started smacking her bottom over her dress with my hand. The shock of being spanked caused her to shout and after the first twenty or so she was squirming. At that point I raised her dress above her hips leaving her buttocks fully exposed except for tight knickers which I pulled up tight to her waist so that the buttocks bulged out. I then continued the spanking and the bottom cheeks got redder and redder and I could see that they were stinging quite sharply. Now was the time for further humiliation as I pulled the knickers down below her thighs. I gave her a final twenty hand spanks making them harder than the previous ones before resting and telling her to stand in the corner with her dress raised and her hands on her head. While she stood there I discussed with John some of the problems they were having.
After a short interval I called Joan back and told her that this time I would use the paddle on her. I was not using the hardest paddle but she could expect this to strike sharper than my hand and she would receive forty swats. She came back across my knees and I started to paddle her. By now she was feeling every stroke and was crying out for me to stop. I pointed out that this was punishment and she had no say on what happened. I continued striking the buttocks rhythmically and alternately for forty strokes before stopping. I then rested, stood her up, and told her to take her dress off and stand in the corner again with her hands on her head. She now had only her stockings, suspender belt and brassiere on.
After a few minutes I took up the strap and told her that her final punishment would be thirty strokes of the strap. She was to count each stroke aloud. I pointed out that she would really feel these and was NOT to stand up between strokes as that would mean that that stroke would not count. I made her bend over a chair with her bottom well in the air, stood to the side and after laying the strap across her for a marker brought it down sharply across both buttocks. She cried out sharply and lifted one foot calling out "One". The strapping continued until Joan was crying out with every stroke. We came to the last two and these I laid on particularly hard so that she really screamed out. It was now over and her husband went to her and put his arms around her. She promised that she would not be difficult again.
My friends did not need me any longer but John certainly needed my advice on how to spank and also how to obtain paddles and straps. Joan also thanked me later and agreed that it had been salutary and well deserved although embarrassing. They also felt that it had cleared the air of recriminations as both felt that the spanking had allowed them to start a new chapter in their life.

I was ask by an acquaintance to spank his wife. he wanted a very severe punishment for her as when she was younger she had whored around and also used to get drunk on a regular basis. She still felt guilty about this and they were both sure that only severe punishment would erase the experiences from her mind and enable her to leave these experiences behind her. I agreed as long as it was understood that it would be done on MY terms and these would not be altered. They both agreed to this. I warned the couple that the lady (I will call her Jean) should arrive in a shift dress and her underclothes should be modest with white cotton knickers, tights and a cotton bra - any variation would be met with further punishment.

The couple arrived late on Saturday afternoon and after welcoming them I immediately took them into my study where the instruments were laid out ready. There was also two chairs in the middle of the room, and another in the corner for the husband to watch from. I asked Jean what she was being punished for and she said that she had been wicked while young sleeping with men and getting very drunk regularly. I then asked what she wanted to do about it and she said that she wanted to be punished severely in front of her husband as this would enable her to make a clean start. I told her I agreed but she must understand that this was a PUNISHMENT beating so there was no safe word and only I would decide when to stop. If she agreed to this we could start. She nodded her head but I insisted on her saying "Yes". We then moved over to the chair.
I sat down and beckoned her across my knees where she settled herself with her head and upper body resting on the left hand chair, her buttocks on my lap and her feet resting on the floor to the rightspanking over the knee I immediately began with a firm hand spanking on top of her dress but soon lifted this up to discover that far from white cotton knickers she was wearing flimsy white lacy knickers with a white lace suspender belt and stockings. I became very angry with her and gave her ten cracking slaps before making her stand and remove all of her clothes and stand with her hands on her head in the corner of the room. I told her that this certainly meant more strokes with both the strap and the cane.
Reluctantly as she stood up she lifted her dress above her head and laid it aside. Then she unhooked the lacy brassiere and her full breast tumbled out. Next it was the knickers rolled down and off before the suspenders were loosened from the stocking,s they were taken off and the garter-belt was wriggled down. Now she was embarrassed and tried to cover her quim with her hands, ashamed to be seen naked, but I told her I wanted her hands on her head. I told both she and her husband that I was now going to use the paddle and she could expect fifty HARD spanks with this.
I now made her bend over the back of the chair and started. The paddle lashed down five, ten fifteen times and by now she was squealing for me to stop and calling to her husband. Still I carried on first one bum cheek and then the other, twenty, twenty-five, thirty - the buttocks were getting really red and fiery. The pain was obviously having an effect as she was beginning to wriggle and try to avoid the strokes. I warned her that she would be tied if she continued to resist and the last strokes she accepted without any more bother. Once the fifty were finished I told her to remove herself to the corner again while her husband and I had a drink and chat. What a sight a large bum beautifully reddened with the cheeks obviously very tender. Her hand on top of her head lift harmful breasts so that the seemed to stand out from her body. I could tell she was getting aroused as her nipples looked like nuts as they proudly lifted from the breasts. It was now time for the strap and I called her back into position. I warned her that she would be tied down now as the strap could be dangerous if she put her hands back to cover her bottom.
She moved back to the chair and adjusted herself over the back. Her legs were outside the chair legs and tied to them. Her hands grasped the chair rail and again they were tied in position so that she could not move. As this was a punishment I used the heaviest tawse from the start and, adjusting my position, laid it across the reddened buttocks to get the strike right. I then lifted it and brought it down with crack across both buttocks. Jean's knees sagged as she gasped at the force of the stoke. I continued two, three four, five. By now she was again weeping and screaming that he would be better and never do it again if I would stop. I pointed out that she must accept the whole punishment to expunge misdemeanours and continued with the next ten strokes. By this time her buttocks were bruised and battered as well as clearly generating great heat. At the same time she was also becoming sexually aroused. I finished off the last five strokes with the tawse applied to the join between the top of the thighs and the buttocks.

I now warned her that she was to receive a final session with the cane. This would be applied with three canes, the first five strokes with the lightweight cane, the next five with my schoolroom cane and the last ten firmly applied with my governess cane. She was to count these aloud and if she missed one this stroke would be repeated. Once this punishment was completed then she an her husband would have a clean page to start with. I asked if she understood and between her sobs she confirmed she did so I told her to prepare herself.
I took up the lightweight can lined it up and gave her buttocks a couple of taps before whipping in the first stroke. It landed in the centre of the two buttocks and left a clear white line before turning to red. She shouted out. The next four strokes landed close to the first and her bottom was wriggling as she screamed for mercy. I then took up the middleweight cane and started to apply this. the first stroke landed below the previous five, the next two land on them, an area which was now swelling and turning purple as the bruises came out. The final two were to the highest part of the buttocks and in an area which was previously untouched.
It was noticeable that her husband had his hand working within his trousers as he watched the punishment and he was certainly as aroused as his wife. Liquid was dripping down from her quim and running down her legs. I then told her to prepare herself for the final ten. These would be the hardest but would end the punishment.
I took up the heaviest cane and whipped it once or twice through the air before laying across her buttocks. The cane lashed down across the area which had been the heaviest punished and sunk into the buttocks as she struggled and wriggled. The next three landed higher up and again increased the bruising. By now the buttocks were looking patterned in red and white with the purple of bruising coming through. punishment2.jpg - 5321 BytesThe next three filled in the area which seemed to have been missed by previous cane strokes and then the final two. I intended to make these the hardest and the first lashed diagonally across the left buttock to the right and then I crossed to the other side to make the final telling stroke. The punishment was ended and now was the time to comfort her so I handed a jar of cream to her husband and told him to take her into my bedroom and deal with her as necessary.
From the noises I heard coming from the room I was quite sure that the treatment was appreciated and it as an hour before they finally appeared. Jean thanked me and was sorry that she had caused so much trouble and said that although it was very painful she now felt free of guilt. Her husband agreed and said that they had found the experience so erotic that they would try spanking themselves - although not as hard as my punishment beating.

Finally on this page I had an email from David, a potential client, who wanted to "see his girlfriend's bottom reddened before the tan of their holiday wore off. I confirmed with him that his girlfriend had agreed to this."

I arranged for the David and Fiona to arrive early on Saturday evening and we first of all sat and had a drink together while we discussed what was to happen. In this case it was not a punishment in any way so different rules applied. I explained the usual 'safe word' information and told her that I would be spanking her first with my hand, then with the strap and finally ten strokes of the cane. These would let her have marks that would show up for a day or two and then fade. Again though as with all of my clients unless she used her "safe word" I would decide when she had had enough. Rather nervously she agreed and I prepared the arena. I laid her across my lap on the sofa and started to warm her bottom with some gentle hand-spanking. This was accompanied by massage in a circular motion to keep the nerves in the buttocks active and also relaxed. This continued for twenty spanks before I lifted her dress and told her to take it off. She obliged I continued the spanking over her knickers, all the time massaging and caressing the bum cheeks, until finally I lowered the knickers and delivered twenty smacks on the bare bottom. This was certainly getting through to her as I could hear her breath coming quite sharply. I stopped and gently smoothed her bottom running my fingers up and down the buttocks and thighs to stimulate her. She stood up rubbing her bottom with both hands looking ruefully over her shoulder at the glowing surface . Her partner asked if she was OK and wanted to continue as her buttocks were certainly very red. She said yes would so I moved a chair into the middle of the room and told her to bend over the back holding on to the bar at the front. I took the lightweight strap and laid it across the centre of her buttocks. Lifted it back and brought it down sharply. She started but composed herself. I continued with spanking and stroking for the full twenty strokes with her bottom wriggling and her legs lifting. I finally told her to stand and stretch herself as she had done very well and we would have a drink before the final caning. Both partners seemed very happy with the way things had gone and although she said that her bottom stung and was certainly very red she would take the cane as agreed. We finished our drinks and I sent her back to bend over the chair. I warned her NOT to put her hands back as she could get hurt and to call out the number of the stroke after she had received it. I would then know that she was ready for the next one.
She bent over the chair with her very red bottom standing out like a beacon. I swished the cane once or twice, I was using the lightweight cane to start off, tapped her bottom once or twice then brought in sharply down. This raised an "Ow!" followed by "One". I then struck the next four strokes, still quite lightly, but so that they could be felt. I told her that the final five strokes would be with a heavier cane and the final two strokes would give her the marks they wanted. I picked up the medium cane and after tapping the bottom whipped it down. This made her jump but she soon bent over again. The next two strokes also made her legs fly and shrieks before the final two strokes came in with more force raising white lines across both buttocks soon changing in colour to red. I helped her up and she was comforted by her partner who asked if she had any regrets. Fiona shook her head and said that she did not. In spite of the pain she had had very erotic feelings. David asked if they could spend some time in private and I showed them my bedroom before returning to the lounge. Half an hour they returned very flushed and happy. They thanked me and Fiona shyly told me that she has had reservations but was glad she had come and been spanked.

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